Horizontal vs vertical fencing

Installing fencing around your house can help keep your dogs and children safe. The style of the fence you intend to install around your property, like landscaping or wall cladding, may significantly boost your curb appeal.

So, I assume that you are planning to have wooden fencing around your property. You have two options, vertical fencing or horizontal fencing. To construct a horizontal fence, lay a wooden board lengthwise and secure it to vertical posts on the ground. You may use the same method for vertical fences, but your board will be different in appearance.

And if you still ask yourself which option suits you the best, this article will help you with your problem. Just keep reading, and in the end, you will decide which is better for you.

Horizontal Fence

Horizontal fences are indisputably contemporary, and they complement the correct home well. They can, however, create some difficulties in terms of material and installation costs


Here you will find the pros and cons of horizontal fences.

Pros of Horizontal Fencing

Horizontal fences may easily compliment any property, whether you’re restoring an ancient house or possess a minimalist home. Select freshly painted vinyl siding, broad steel beams, or wood in fashionable hues to accentuate the modern look of your horizontal fence. You should be aware that a horizontal fence might make your property look bigger or longer than it actually is.

Can Be Easily Modified

There are several horizontal fence types to consider for your fence’s privacy. If you are concerned about your security, you can install a closed fence. If you want a more open aspect, consider a fence design with a gap between the boards.

You may also select the board size you desire as well as the stain or paint that will complement your home.

Safety improvement and privacy on the property is better

Like I mentioned earlier, safety is in the first place! Your wooden fence contributes to the creation of a secure and safe environment surrounding your property. If you have children, you won’t have to worry about them wandering away from your yard. These fences help keep unwelcome guests out of your yard.

Cons of Horizontal Fences

These fences also have some disadvantages. Here you can find out bad things about horizontal fences and you can decide later which one is the best option for you.

Horizontal Fence is more expensive for installing

Due to a variety of circumstances, horizontal fences may wind up costing more than vertical fences.

A horizontal fence is prone to drooping because there is less support in the middle of the fence planks. You must purchase higher-quality materials, which are more expensive. You’ll need around one-third more posts than you would for vertical fencing since the fence posts are closer together.

Finally, more training is required for installers to learn how to erect a horizontal fence. The job is more difficult, takes longer, and necessitates more stiff materials than a vertical fence.

Vertical Fence

There’s a lot of reasons why vertical fencing has been the most popular fence form for almost a century. They’re private, robust, and easy to set up.

Pros of Vertical Fences

Vertical fencing, like horizontal fencing, has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the ideas to get you started.

Simple design

Because of the simple design and openings in the fence, intruders and trespassers are easy to spot. However, if you are concerned about additional security but yet want to maintain visibility, you may install a wire mesh.

Can Follow the Curve of Your Land

Unlike horizontal fencing, which is best built on straight lines, vertical fencing follows the contours of your property. This means you may bend and turn your fence to match the look of your home.

Cons of vertical Fence

There is just one disadvantage of this type of fence. Vintage style. Unfortunately, while vertical fencing is functional, it might appear obsolete in today’s homes. A vertical fence can be used to enclose a house of a specific vintage, such as an arts and crafts home or a bungalow. The same cannot be true for residences constructed in recent decades.

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