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True Built Fencing is a Texas-based fence company that offers various options when it comes to swimming pools and protection. Making children (and pets!) safe in your home is what we are all about! Pool fences can offer exactly that - never have to worry about pool safety again! 



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Why Pool Fence?

Having a safety fence installed around your swimming pool is the most essential step in assuring your child will be safe in your backyard. We at True Built Fencing really value pool safety and the safety of your child or baby. 

With that being said, come see what True Built Fencing in Austin, Texas has to offer considering pool fences!

Premium Pool Fence


Glass Fence

There are two primary categories of glass pool fencing: semi-frameless and frameless.

They are both equally modern and contemporary in style, however, they are constructed differently.

Semi-frameless glass fence consists of glass panels that are attached to poles made of stainless steel or aluminum. Frameless pool fences are glass panels put into fixtures at the bottom of the fence attached to the ground, with no visible poles in between the glass panels. 

The popularity of frameless glass fences, in particular, is on the rise. You can clearly see your pool area, making it easy to see small children playing in the pool, and ensuring that you never miss any beautiful family moments.

True Built Fencing strives to make sure that your pool and backyard together are complemented by a variety of our personalized designs.
Also, we only utilize completely certified tempered glass and put safety first above any other features.
This implies that when it comes to the glass pool fence, security, and sturdiness are no longer concerns.

Metal Pool Fence

Metal pool fence (both aluminum and steel) is super durable, and that is one of its main advantages. Also, this makes long-term maintenance quite simple. Much simpler than a wood fence, at least.

Areas surrounding the pools are usually wet (or at least very humid). If you have your fence sealed with an anti-corrosion sealant, you can even stop worrying about your pool fence or your pool gate corroding. 
Metal pool fences are also thought to provide a yard area with a pool a more traditional look than glass ones. 

There are several different designs available for metal fences. The flat top and loop top finishes are the two most common.

The flat top finish is considered when vertical bars have a flat top connecting horizontal rails at the top and bottom.

Loop top finish is a lower part of a flat top (so, vertical bars connected with a bottom horizontal rail) but the top rail is completed with a tubular fence that is “looped” through it in a way that makes it appear as though it is curved.

If you want a slightly different design, one that goes together well with your security gates or front yard fencing, then metal fencing might be the way to go. True Built Fencing here in Austin, Texas can make your dreams come true!

Mesh Pool Fencing

Mesh pool fences are constructed of a number of metal or aluminum bars with squares of aluminum wire mesh in between. The mesh provides the fence stability and aids in preventing mishaps around the pool area. There are many other kinds of fences that are used as pool barriers, but mesh fences are among the most well-liked, widely-used, and accessible kinds.

Mesh fences are an incredibly cost-effective choice for a pool fence. Compared to alternative solutions like glass and automated electrical pool systems, they are far less expensive.

While mesh is composed of tiny wire squares, it still provides a sturdy and long-lasting choice for your pool safety. This fence is resistant to rusting, corrosion, weather damage, and decay.

In addition to being incredibly low maintenance, this fence won’t need as much maintenance as some of its metal counterparts. Compared to glass fencing, which provides an aesthetically pleasing solution to pool safety, this fence is simpler to maintain and clean.

Luckily, True Built Fencing in Austin, Texas is one of the few fence companies on the market that can help you get the fence of your dreams without breaking the budget! 

Wood Pool Fencing

One of the strongest and most reliable solutions for pool enclosures is a wooden fence. Wood won’t chip or break because it is a natural substance. Also, since it does not corrode, your fence can last several decades without any maintenance!
Your new fence can be affected by the chlorine used to purify the pool water. Since chlorine is so corrosive, constantly splashing water on some fences can seriously harm and deteriorate them. Corrosion is less likely to affect a wooden fence than an aluminum or vinyl one. As a result, you won’t need to be concerned that the chlorine in your pool water may eventually cause it significant harm. 

Also, wood will still hold up well if your home is close to the shore where wind and salt water can be problems for other sorts of material.

We at True Built Fencing are masters of the trade when it comes to wooden fences. We can do whatever you envision, and do it quickly as we always have different kinds of woods in stock!

How our company do it?

When you make the call from there, your job is done.

Give us a call and enjoy our seamless process from start to finish, for your new fence. Our specialist will take you through each stage of the estimating and installation process with the highest care and attention. The first stage is to write down your specifications; the second is for a fence contractor to visit your Austin home for thorough measurements and inspection, and the third and last step is to draw out a strategy to match your expectations and turn them into a reality.


After thoroughly listening to your needs, one of our fencing contractors will visit to check your fence and site.

Don’t be concerned; it’s quite natural and safe! We will then establish an execution strategy to fit your needs.

When we’re finished, you’ll have a gorgeous, robust, and long-lasting wood fence in your backyard. Find out all our fence services. We can also provide ironvinylwood and  composite fence types.

Best Child-Proof Fence in Austin, Texas

The best fence Austin, TX has seen is right here at True Built Fencing. We take pool safety and the safety of your child in your own home to another level. Call today for a free estimate for pool gates and fences in the Austin area!

We are open every workday 8.30 am – 5 pm, or you can fill out a form here if you can’t work with those hours. 


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