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True Built Fencing offers the best iron fence service and rates. We have the experience and expertise of fabrication and installing a tailor-made fencing system according to your need and demand.


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What is Iron Fence?

There was a time when fences were made of wrought iron, whose prime example is the Victorian era exterior. In the modern or present era, wrought iron is replaced by steel, commonly referred to as "iron fencing." Iron fencing made with steel is specifically known for its strength and anti-corrosion quality. It is a more scratch-resistant atmosphere and stands more impact because of its rigidity. Our fences are built with powder-coated galvanized steel. Galvanizing is a process of coating metal with a protective layer of zinc to prevent it from rusting and giving it a super good shiny look of the mirror.

Iron Fencing Austin Texas

Premium Iron Fences Installation in Austin, Texas

Iron Fence Services

Iron Fences Experts

True Built Fencing offers the best iron fence service and rates. We have the experience and expertise of fabrication and installing a tailor-made fencing system according to your need and demand, suiting your taste and complimenting your property along with it, with a zero percent quality compromise policy.

We have a skilled and trained team of professionals at hand, which gives True Built Fencing an edge over other fencing services to complete the project before on time.

How Do We Work

Every customer is a top customer; that is our motto, making you our top priority.

Your work is done as soon as you make the call from there. Our representative will guide you with utmost concern and attention for each step of estimation to installation. The first step is noting down your requirements, the second being a fencing contractor visiting your property for complete measurements and inspection, and the third and final step is mapping out the strategy to meet your expectations and making them a reality.

The finished product is a shiny and glinting iron fence. If you are interested in prices this article will show you how much wrought iron fences cost.

On the other hand, True Built Fencing can offer other types of fences, wood fences, composite fences, and vinyl fences.

Picket Wrought Fencing

This unique fence is absolutely amazing for those ones who love a more decorative or ornamental iron look. Made out of iron, this fence will give an extraordinary look to your property. Do we need to mention that your pool area will look extravagant with this kind of fence? This kind of fence can take up to 20 years with the protective finish coat, and you can get a quote warranty request and be careful.

Basic Iron

A basic residential iron fence is an ideal solution for every one of us who has a pool in our backyard. We made basic flat top iron fences of durable steel, and come in a variety of sizes. A beautiful and minimalistic design can be used as a fences deck’s patio better than using vinyl fences decks. Both you and your family will enjoy this fence. In or company you can request online payment and be careless

Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates are an amazing way to get a safer backyard and to get a stunning look of your property. Can you imagine yourself living in a beautiful house with a giant yard, but you don’t have an iron gate, what a shame, isn’t it? These gates, which enhance the look of your property, are generally the first thing that guests see before entering, so gates must make a good first impression. Don’t hesitate to contact us at True Built Fencing, we have everything you need.

Why Iron?

Ornamental iron is a great way to enhance the value of your property, and still be satisfied like never before. You are wondering ‘’Why Iron fencing?’’ but the answer is right here. We are guarantee you excellent quality and long-lasting. Also, one of the most important things about ornamental iron fences is that will last a lifetime. If you have a warranty request submit it to our company and don’t worry.

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